Sport-Achat winter 2021 is canceled, let’s prepare for the future

The government’s decision not to open the ski lifts affects all players in our sector.

We share the immense disappointment felt across the French mountains and send our support to all the professions affected by this halt.

The economic and sanitary conditions to organize the Sport-Achat show on March 8-10, 2021 are not met, we are not in a position to organize this new edition.

Even if the context foreshadowed this situation, it is yet another hard blow for our industry, which has been impacted for 12 months now.

We are once again adapting to national constraints and are doing everything we can to prepare for the future which, we are convinced, will be resolutely turned towards the outdoors.

Sportair at the service of outdoor sports professionals. For 20 years Sportair has been the privileged interlocutor of the profession and we are determined to continue to serve brands and retailers in the best possible way, especially in difficult situations.

We are currently preparing an ambitious questionnaire to allow everyone to express themselves on the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic on their professional activity, on future needs and projections and what you expect from Sportair in the months to come. come. We wish to progress collegially on this project and we will send the restitution document to all contributors.

This survey, which will be aimed at brands and retailers, will be online very quickly: it will be communicated to you by email, via our various social networks and administered by our employees.

Thank you for your support, we will get back to you soon.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

The Sportair team

Sport Achat will return as soon as sanitary conditions allow!

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