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DLX® is Designed for Life in eXtremes
and when it comes to extreme
weather, Scotland has it all. Any
type of weather can appear at any
time. This is especially true in the
mountains of the West Coast.
These are fabled proving grounds
of the early climbing pioneers and
their legacy continues to this day.
Scotland has always been a hotbed
of invention, born of necessity and
enquiring minds.
Figures such as Scottish born John
Muir laid the foundations for an
appreciation of wilderness, and a
desire to embrace life outdoors.
This land of dramatic vistas and
historical significance inspires us to
create a very special collection of
clothing and equipment that thrives
in wild conditions. We want the
correct clothing.
Anyone who has experienced a
Scottish springtime snow squall at 60
miles per hour, rain and sunshine, all
within minutes of each other needs to
trust their equipment. This is why we
Design for Life in eXtremes

  • Accessories > Eyewear (lunettes,masques) > Headwear > Socks > Gloves > Accessories
  • Shoes > Ski > Snowboard > Fashion
  • Material > Mountain Climbing > Luggage
  • Wear > Outdoor mountain > Ski-Snowboard > Streetwear-Sportswear > Technical underwear > others > Underwear

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