Since 1996 we are the explorers that search the globe for inspiration, excitement, challenges and
magical moments that spark our never-ending curiosity. Our collections all start with the inspiration
we extract from our personal experiences in life.
SINNER can be found in over 3000 stores including some of the best global department stores,
independents and in our webstore online. Sinner has represented innovation, quality, performance
and style. First as an eyewear company with sports sunglasses,
today as an international lifestyle and sports brand distributed in 24 countries worldwide.
Don’t be scared. Dare to beat the system and live. Live beyond and discover, life is not about
following rules break them and start exploring, see the light. You don’t need anybody to tell you who
you are or what you are. Make your own rules – don’t pretend to be someone else! Be yourself!
Everyone else is already taken.

  • Accessories > Eyewear (lunettes,masques) > Headwear > Socks > Gloves > Sunscreen
  • Material > Protection gear (helmets…) > Luggage

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